We all have things about us that are beautiful
As a dance teacher, I spend most of my time looking at beautiful people. Beautiful children. Beautiful teachers. Beautiful parents. As a dance teacher, I spend a lot of my time looking at these beautiful people look at themselves in the mirror.

As a dancer, mirrors are often your worst enemy. The purpose of the mirror in the studio is so you can see your own faults. Your lack of turnout, your weak arm, your bent knees. But when I look at these dancers, I see great, intelligent kids, who work hard. And I want them to see it too.

The youngest group of kids I work with are three years old. They're three! They all think: "I am so wonderful!" all the time, right? Wrong. Every year we squat down to measure these little ones, who are barely past being a baby, for their bedazzled costumes. Step one: measure their bust. They giggle when you put the tape measure under their armpits. Step two: measure their waist. They suck in. Three year olds already have this reaction to suck in their tummy to look smaller. It makes my heart hurt to see these little ones think they there is something about them that could be more beautiful.

And that is why this site and Twitter page (http://www.twitter.com/seethebeauty3) are all about being beautiful in your own way. I intend to write about, and post some pictures, of why I think those around me are beautiful, why I am beautiful, and why you should think you are beautiful. Please spread the word! And please spread beauty.


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