We all have things about us that are beautiful
So often other people look at us and see us one thing. You're the girl with the green eyes. You are the girl with the big boobs. You're the really tall guy. You are that guy who sings. You're the computer chick. We are recognized by others as that person with that one specific attribute (positive or negative).

It is so hard to not see yourself as that same person with just that one attribute. But take a minute to think about it. You aren't just really tall. You're also smart. You're funny. You are a million other things besides tall. Do not define yourself by one characteristic. And stop letting others define you like that as well.

If we continue to let others, and ourselves, define us in only one or maybe two ways, we become just those characteristics. You become, on the inside, the girl with the nice butt. You are not interesting anymore. You are not funny anymore. You see yourself as the girl with the nice butt and begin to use that as the way you connect with people. Instead of connecting with people on a multitude of levels.

Do not box yourself in. Do not become that one thing. Do not shut yourself off from all the things you could become if you gave yourself the chance. You are more than that one thing.

You are beautiful for so many reasons, not just one. Show off all of them. Not just the one people generally notice. Don't be predictable. Yes, maybe you have fantastic eyes. But blow everyone's mind with your hidden talent: movie trivia. Stop relying on your pretty eyes and take chances.

When you define yourself by one thing, you are giving other's the greenlight to do the same thing. Be yourself in everything you do. Be a dancer, an artist, a mathematician, and the girl who is really short. Don't be afraid to share all the awesome things about you.

You are you. You are nothing less than you.

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Spread the word, and spread the beauty.


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