We all have things about us that are beautiful
Watch this video. It is totally worth the three minutes.
Watching this video may have been the most inspiring three minutes of my life. Everything about this video is absolutely true. And not just for women, but for a lot of men as well.

We absolutely are our own worst critics. We look at ourselves and see our flaws. We decide that there is so much wrong with us. But we ARE beautiful. Every single one of us. There is something amazing about each of us. This video shows that the people we meet see the beauty in others. They look at us and see these great features, physical AND internal. So why can we still not see them ourselves? Stop picking out your flaws. Pick out something beautiful.

I hope after watching this video, you feel like I did: just a little more confident in yourself.  Others see our beauty. We should see our own beauty too.

Spread the word and, of course, spread the beauty.

8/11/2013 11:39:03 am

Absolutely perfect! It shows how distorted people's view are about themselves.


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See the Beauty in Yourself