We all have things about us that are beautiful
As I enter my senior year in college, I look back at the people who have really made an impact on my life for one reason or another. And I discover that many of them have been teachers. Not necessarily the kind who teach you to add or write in cursive, but the kind who show you how to live your life.

I was particularly blessed in high school to have some really amazing teachers. Many of whom I still talk to or visit. Because of them, I learned a lot of things about myself: I love to read, I am a much better writer than I think, do what will make you happy not what others want you to do, I am passionate about math, don't mold to stereotypes, argue a perspective you might not even agree with.

Think about the teachers you have had who really made a difference in your life. The ones who go the extra mile to help you when you need it. The ones who teach you more than just geography. The ones who will start a club about something you both love.

Honestly, there is a lot of bull shit that happens in school. A lot of busy work. A lot of things that people tell you that you'll need again and you really won't. And a whole lot of drama. But... if you sift through all the stuff, sort through the unimportant and the essential, you'll find quite a few gems that really do matter. You might even make a friend.

Let those teachers know in some way that they made a difference in your life. That you will remember them. They helped you. I promise, nothing will make them happier.

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