We all have things about us that are beautiful
Another video that is completely worth the watch. I don't even know who this guy is, but he's brilliant.

He is completely right. I don't know anyone who is ugly. I don't. The only people I have EVER thought as "ugly" have been people that I have found rude, disrespectful, or downright mean.

"We are all born beautiful." This is so true. Every baby is born onto this planet as a beautiful human being. We grow into beautiful children. It is not until we are old enough to judge others that we can become "ugly". And by "ugly" I mean internally. This internal attitude, your personality, does truly have a huge effect on your external beauty.

"The more you love or adore something, the more their internal beauty takes over everything." I love this statement. And I want you to start applying it to yourself. The more you can love yourself (your physical attributes and your personality) the more beautiful you will be not only to yourself but to others.

People always notice those who beaming smiles and happy personalities. These positive and upbeat people are attractive. Not because their nose is just the right size or their skin is perfectly tanned, but because their internal beauty outshines any external characteristics that the media has convinced us is "unattractive". Love yourself because you are kind. You are thoughtful. You have a good work-ethic. You like to help others. There are a million things about you that you should love. Value them.

The best news is that internal beauty is something you can find if you have lost it. If you are thinking to yourself, "I am not nice. I am mean and rude. I am not beautiful on the inside," it's okay. You can become beautiful. You can change your attitude. You CAN be a better person. You know what to do, you have spent your whole life learning how to be nice to others. Just start doing it, and don't let others convince you that being mean is better.

I have so thankful to have see this video. I hope you are too.

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