We all have things about us that are beautiful

Today, at work, I was reminded of the importance of independence. As my group of Princess Campers took turns using the restroom, one of the three year olds was taking a particularly long time. I asked if she needed help. She said "no!" quite adamantly.

After another few minutes I asked her again if she needed help. "No. I'm fine! Just get out!"

Sometimes were in a situation where where we need to figure out what we are doing on our own. We need to be independent and solve our own problems. We can't let others do everything for us. How we will ever learn if we never have to do anything on our own?

Work hard to do things on your own. School work, your job, practicing a sport or instrument. You will have so much more confidence in yourself if you know that you did it on your own.

After a few MORE minutes I asked my little one for the last time if she needed any help. She walked out of the bathroom stall in just her underwear holding her pink dance leotard, which was tangled and inside out. "Miss Shannon, can you help me?"

Yes. Be independent. But don't run yourself into the ground either. Know when to ask for help. Ask others to teach you things so the next time you can do it on your own. The people around you who love you want you to be successful too. And sometimes you just need a little boost.

Sometimes we need to do things On our own, even if we make mistakes. We can take that opportunity to learn from them. But as humans we need to understand that sometimes we need a helping hand.

Especially if you can't get your clothes on.

Spread the word, and spread the beauty.


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