We all have things about us that are beautiful

Sometimes things happen that are sad or painful or make you angry. Most of the time your reaction is to suck it up and move on. "Cheer up" everyone tells you. Everything will be okay. Things will get better. All of these things are really positive messages to share with someone who is going through a hard time.

But sometimes whatever you are dealing with warrants some acknowledgment. You can't move past every thing in a minute or an hour or even a day. Sometimes you just need to be angry or sad. You can't turn off your emotions immediately.

Don't stifle how you feel. It'll just end up coming back and hurting you later. If you bottle up all of those negative emotions without dealing with them, you won't be able to move past them.

When a relationship ends, a friend moves away, you fail a test, deal with the sadness, anger, and disappointment. After you have taken the time to be sad for a minute, change to a more positive attitude. Figure out how to solve the problem.

You can't spend every minute of every day positive. We all need a moment of weakness. We're human!

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